Surgical Consumables

An efficient surgical practice depends upon the reliable and cost effective supply of consumable items, and Designs For vision has decades of experience in providing the daily and recurring needs of ophthalmic surgeons, hospitals and eye clinics.

Disposable & Consumable Items | Surgical Liquids & Gases | Surgical Markers

Disposables & Consumables Items

A large range of disposable and consumable supplies for every ophthalmic surgical procedure, such as single-use vitrectomy lenses from Volk.

Ophthalmic Surgical Stains & Tamponades

Designs for Vision sources surgical liquids and gases from Dutch Ophthalmic Research Center (D.O.R.C.), the most trusted and reliable supplier of stains and tamponades for many years.

Surgical Markers

A range of disposable surgical marking products from Viscot, Torix and more.