Consulting Room Equipment

DFV provide everything for optometry practices large and small. Our range includes the specialist furniture, sight testing essentials and essential instruments that every eyecare professional needs to provide effective care.

Chairs & Stands | Diagnostic instruments | Slit Lamps | Lensmeters | Tonometers | Perimetery | Foreign Body Instruments

Chairs & Stands

Stylish, comfortable and reliable consulting furniture from leading international suppliers including Frastema, Nidek and Rodenstock. DFV can fit out your practice for efficiency and success.

Refraction and Acuity Equipment

High quality automated and manually operated devices for visual acuity testing from Rodenstock, Oculus, Inami, DMD and more.

Slit Lamps

A full range of high quality slit lamps from the top names in diagnostic optics including Keeler, Oculus and Kowa.


A practice essential, lensmeters from respected ophthalmic equipment manufacturers such as Tomey and Nidek.


DFV represent iCare, the leading name in hand-held rebound tonometry as well as all the standard models of slit lamp mounted and desktop options from Keeler and Oculus.


Critical equipment from Oculus and Rodenstock for the diagnosis of serious eye diseases and pathologies.

Foreign Body Instruments

An essential for every practice, DFV supply everything needed by eyecare professionals for the provision of basic and effective primary treatment and the relief of ocular discomfort.