INAMI L-0940 SD Operating Microscope
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INAMI L-0940 SD Operating Microscope

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L-0940 SD Zoom Portable Operation Microscope


The INAMI Zoom portable microscope provides additional new features to assist any kind of surgery with a focused, clear and sharp image. INAMI now offers the L-0940 bright zoom microscope with a ratio of 1:3.


Key Features of the INAMI L-0940 are:

  • Convenient portable carrying case
  • Special 45 degree adapter
  • Your choice of mounitng systems:
    * Table-clamp
    * Wall-mount
  • Microscopic-head angle adjuster – sets any angle from 0 to 90 degrees
  • Filters – in-built heat absorbing filter, plus cobalt filter and 50%ND filter
  • Option for CCD TV Camera


Objective Lenses

ENT, Plastic or other surgery with a range of optional lenses:

  • F-175mm – Ophthalmology
  • F-200mm – Othorhinology-Plastic surgery
  • F-300mm – Neurosurgery
  • F-375mm – Laryngology


Optional accessories

special mount for various accessories, including the L-0544 TV camera, L-0570 camera and the L-054 Beam Splitter.



Type : Galilean-Type Binocular Microscope
Magnification Changer : Continuous Zoom by drum rotation
Eyepieces : 15X
Total Magnifications : 6X~18X
Field of View : ø:35~10mm
Pupillary Adjustment : 50~75mm
Focus Distance : F=175mm
Diopter Adjustment : +/-6D



Filters : Cobalt,Blue,Heat absorption,1/2ND
Light Source : 21V150W Halogen Lamp(L0940H1)with cold mirror filter equipped
Brightness(max) : 80,000Lux(ø6)
Coaxial illumination field : ø40mm


Vertical Fine Control:

Model : Manual type,using fingertips
Adjustment of focus : 30mm
Microscope inclination : 0°-90°