Designs For Vision | RAYNER M-flex 580F/630F Multifocal IOL
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RAYNER M-flex 580F/630F Multifocal IOL

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Single-piece hydrophilic acrylic intraocular lens

Rayner M-flex® Multifocal IOLs are based on a multi-zoned refractive aspheric optic technology, with either 4 or 5 annular zones (depending on IOL base power). M-flex provide a degree of pseudoaccommodation, lessening the need for additional correction by spectacles or contact lenses.


Key Features

  • Reduced incidence of halo and glare
  • Superior contrast sensitivity
  • The only multifocal IOL with the benefits of patented AVH Technology® for perfect centration, anterior/posterior and torsional stability
  • Unique Amon-Apple Enhanced Square Edge for reduced PCO
  • Manufactured from Rayacryl® hydrophilic acrylic co-polymer for:
    – High biocompatibility
    – Low PCO
    – Optical purity – no vacuoles or glistenings
    – Low Silicone Oil adherence
    – Superb handling characteristics.


A wide range of powers available. Call for details.