OASIS Form Fit® Intracanicular Plugs
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OASIS Form Fit® Intracanicular Plugs

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Hydrogel Intracanicular Plugs


Form Fit is truly a one size plug solution. Once inserted into the canaliculus, Form Fit hydrates over a 10 minute period. As it hydrates, Form Fit increases in size until it completely fills the vertical canalicular cavity.


How it works

FORM FIT is made of a safe and biocompatible hydrogel material that expands into a soft, pliable, gelatinous material when it contacts tear film. FORM FIT securely conforms to the vertical canaliculus so there is no need for a cap on the end of the plug. This greatly increases patient comfort and decreases foreign body sensation.



  • Hydrates in approximately 10 minutes
  • Easily removed via irrigation of the tear duct
  • Biocompatible, no foreign body sensation
  • Sterile
  • Conveniently pre-loaded in inserter
  • 0.3mm, one size fits all