EyeEco Tranquileyes
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EyeEco Tranquileyes

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Bead and Instant Dry Eye Therapies

Moist Heat therapy soothes and restores dry, tired eyes.

Soft flexible goggles, water and reusable gel packs (Thermoeyes™) are used to create a warm, humid environment around the eyes that helps stimulate tear production and slow the evaporation of tears.


The Tranquileyes™  system incorporates two reusable gel pack technologies to create moist-heat therapies and cold therapies. Both technologies have been proven to effectively improve tear quality by providing the intensity and duration of heat required while hydrating the sensitive eyelid and surrounding skin. The gram weight measurement of the gel packs ensures they achieve optimum performance.


ThermoEyes Beads

The Beads are made from glycerin and water. The Beads create moist-heat by being warmed in hot water. Moisture to increase relative humidity is provided by a fabric pocket which the Beads are placed into before being submersed in water and heated in the microwave. Once heated, the pocketed Beads are placed into the back of the goggle where they provide 12-25 minutes of moist-heat ranging 101–110°F/38.33-43.33°C.

Each set of Beads can be reused approximately 60 times for moist-heat. They can also be placed in the freezer for creating cold therapies.


ThermoEyes Instant

The Thermoeyes Instant are made from sodium acetate, a non-toxic, food grade salt water. The Instant gel packs have a stainless steel disc inside. Heat is created by bending the stainless steel disc back and forth. The sound created by clicking the disc, changes the molecular structure from liquid to crystal, generating heat. Once activated, the gel pack is placed into the back of the goggle along with a moistened sponge, providing 15-25 minutes of moist-heat ranging from 102–110°F/38.89–43.33°C.

The Instant technology can be reused up to 100 times for moist-heat.