OCULUS Keratograph 5M
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OCULUS Keratograph 5M

More than just a topographer

Keratograph 5M technology is a revolution in corneal topography and dry eye analysis. The high-resolution colour camera and the integrated magnification changer offer a new perspective on the tear film assessment procedure.


The Keratograph 5M measures corneal topography precisely. The built-in real keratometer and automatic measurement activation guarantee perfect reproducibility of K values. Data is acquired by noncontact measurement, automatically analysed and shown in comprehensive presentation formats.


Meibography of the upper and lower eyelid

The new Keratograph 5M is a multi-purpose diagnostic device that easily and efficiently integrates complex examinations such as meibography into ophthalmological and optometric practices.


Dry eye is most commonly caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). Meibo-Scan reveals morphological changes in the glandular tissue.


TF-Scan – Visualising tear film quality and quantity

The OCULUS Keratograph 5M evaluates the tear film with the aid of white or infrared illumination. The new high-definition colour camera makes finest structures visible. NIKBUT (non-invasive Keratograph break-up time), tear meniscus height, lipid layer and tear film particles movement are examined carefully and documented with ease. The exams are noninvasive, user-friendly and reproducible.


Imaging – High-definition colour camera for image and video documentation

The Keratograph 5M provides optimal imaging capabilities and a new high-definition camera. This opens new doors for documentation during everyday practice. Experience the highest level of multi-functionality, similar to a digital slit lamp.
Selectable illumination and variable magnification provide the basis for high-definition imaging and video recordings.
Thanks to its user-friendly operation the camera can be easily integrated into daily practice routine and facilitates efficient documentation of examinations.


OxiMap ® – Visualising Oxygen Transmissibility

The cornea needs oxygen and a good oxygen supply is fundamental for the comfort of a contact lens wearer. New materials used for soft contact lenses offer excellent oxygen transmissibility. This can be shown with the new OCULUS OxiMap ® display. You can easily show these color maps to your patients and help them choose better contact lenses.


Professional patient consultation

The cornea needs oxygen, and a good oxygen supply is therefore fundamental for the comfort of contact lens wearers. New materials used for soft contact lenses offer excellent oxygen transmissibility. This can be demonstrated using the new OCULUS OxiMap® display. You can easily show these colour maps to your patients in order to better explain your contact lens recommendation.


Clear Presentation

Integrate the Keratograph 5M into your practice as an active patient consultation tool. Thanks to many visual maps and easy to understand diagrams the Keratograph 5M enhances communication with your patients. Use your Keratograph 5M as a marketing tool and promote patient confidence.