NIDEK RS-3000 Advance RetinaScan OCT/SLO System
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NIDEK RS-3000 Advance RetinaScan OCT/SLO System

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High-speed & high-quality of image

The RS-3000 Advance RetinaScan is Nidek’s spectral domain OCT/confocal ophthalmoscope system. The RS-3000’s combination of high-speed spectral domain OCT with Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (SLO) and advanced auto-focus/auto Z alignment technology offers outstanding precision and ease-of-use.


High-speed (53,000 A-scans / sec.) & high-quality of image (4 micron OCT digital resolution)

53,000 A-scans / sec. greatly helps to reduce the measurement time and minimise artifacts. The advanced speckle-noise-reduction system, by averaging images, provides 4 micron OCT digital resolution. High resolution images show the discrete retinal layers.


Accurate localisation of pathology with real-time SLO image

Real-time, high-contrast and wide view (40º x 30º) confocal SLO imaging provides accuracy for OCT scanning of the pathological target. The OCT scanning position is precisely matched with the SLO fundus image.


Fast and simple operation with Optimization function

The operation of RS-3000 is as easy as an Auto-Refractometer. The focus of the SLO fundus image and the alignment of OCT depth are adjusted automatically by pressing Optimization button.

  1. Start Scanning
  2. Optimization – The focus of SLO fundus image and the alignment of OCT depth are adjusted automatically.
  3. Release – Capturing both image of SLO and OCT by one shot.


Highly reproducible follow-up examinations with auto-tracking function

High contrast SLO fundus image and auto-tracking function achieve the excellent reproducibility in followup examination. Auto-tracking function tracks eye movement and guides to the OCT scanning position of previous examination (Baseline) by color indication. Time frame monitoring results of examinations including NFL defect, Optic nerve head and macular thickness can be conducted easily.


High-speed (1.6 sec.) and wide (9 mm x 9 mm) 3D mapping

High-speed and wide 3D imaging helps to understand the retinal condition quickly and comprehensively. Thickness map between each layer from ILM to RPE is also available.


System Software

The NAVIS-EX Image Filing Software is included with the RS-3000 Advance system package. As well as filing, manipulating and analysing the images from the RS-3000, NAVIS-EX is able to import the images from various external instruments.

Networking and review capability is a standard feature of the NAVIS-EX Image Filing Software. By having a review station in a LAN environment, images from various instruments can be managed within the unified software environment, on a single PC.

Numerous types of reports can be printed from the NAVIS-EX Image Filing Software, including side-by-side comparison and follow up in comparison to baseline image.


6 types of OCT scans are provided in RS-3000 to meeting clinical requirements:

  • Macula Line
  • Macula Cross
  • Macula Multi
  • Macula Map
  • Disc Circle
  • Disc Map