NIDEK HandyRef-K / HandyRef
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NIDEK HandyRef-K / HandyRef

Auto Refractometer-Keratometer / Auto Refractometer

High measurement accuracy anytime and anywhere with this compact body design.


Pupil Zone Imaging Method

The HandyRef-K / HandyRef analyses a wide area (Max. 4 mm diameter) pupil zone. By measuring the light coming through the pupil zone in a wide area, more accurate measurement data closer to the subjective refraction is now possible. Small pupil (Min. 2 mm diameter) can also be measured.


Super Luminescent Diode (SLD) and Highly Sensitive CCD

Super luminescent diode (SLD) light source provides a sharper and better defined ring image compared to the conventional LED. The highly sensitive CCD camera detects the image even if the fundus reflection is weak.


SynchroScan Technology “SynchroScan Technology”

Measurements start when the alignment starts, and locks in the data when alignment becomes optimal as a measurement value. It provides a more stable measurement value more effectively and efficiently.


Axis Correction Function

The sensor detects the inclination of the instrument to display the automatically corrected axis.


Pupil Size Measurement

Pupil size measurement is performed automatically during AR measurement. By changing the parameter setting, the pupil size can also be manually measured.


Retroillumination Image Observation

Retroillumination image enables the observation of any opacity within the optical media. The last capture image can be saved.


R / L Auto Detection

Patient’s right / left eye can be detected automatically and R or L icon will be displayed on the screen.


Keratometry Measurement with Mire Ring
(available for the HandyRef-K)

The HandyRef-K measures keratometry with mire ring, reducing interference from eyelids.


Contact Lens Measurement Function
(available for the HandyRef-K)

Curvature of contact lenses can be measured with the provided contact lens holder.
*Soft contact lenses can not be measured.


Measurement Modes

  • Auto Shot Mode
  • Quick Measurement Mode
  • Cataract Measurement Mode
  • Additional Measurement Mode


Usability and Portability

  • Memory Data Management
  • Summary Screen
  • Melody Function
  • Printer Function (available for the printer equipped model)
  • Connection with NIDEK RT
  • Connection with PC
  • Lightweight Compact Design
  • Removable Magnetic Occluders