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Measurement of values for cataract surgery.

Six values for cataract surgery are measured in 10 seconds:

  • Axial length
  • Corneal curvature radius
  • Anterior chamber depth
  • Central corneal thickness
  • White-to-white distance
  • Pupil size


3-D auto tracking and auto shot

With the introduction of the AL-Scan, NIDEK continues its tradition of providing user friendly equipment. The AL-Scan is so intuitive that personnel require little to no training for obtaining measurements. The AL-Scan incorporates NIDEK’s much acclaimed 3-D auto tracking and auto shot, which provides the operator with the most ease, comfort, and accuracy on all measurements. The 3-D auto tracking tracks eye movements on the X-Y-Z planes to ensure accurate alignment of the eye. Once correct alignment is completed, the auto shot immediately captures the image and data.


Ability to measure eyes with even dense cataract

Advanced measurement algorithms enhance the signal-to-noise ratio by decreasing noise and boosting the signal, which allows the AL-Scan to measure eyes with even dense cataract.


Optional built-in ultrasound biometer

In cases where the optical biometer cannot measure an eye with an extremely dense cataract, the AL-Scan provides an optional built-in ultrasound biometer, allowing measurement of virtually any cataractous eye.


Anterior segment observation with imaging of lens, pupil, and double mire rings

The sectional lens image assists in the evaluation of the severity of the cataract. The pupil image assists in the assessment for multifocal IOL. The reflected image of mires rings assist in detecting an irregular corneal surface.


IOL calculation with its own measured values

Eight IOL calculation formulas are incorporated in the AL-Scan. Once measurement is completed, the IOL power is automatically calculated using its own measured data.


IOL Constants Optimisation

The AL-Scan can optimise the IOL constants by statistically calculating with the postoperative refractive power. IOL constants optimization helps improve postoperative accuracy.


Assist for Toric IOL Alignment

The AL-Scan can draw a line passing through a prominent vessel or other landmark that can indicate the angle from the steepest meridian. The lines and angle are clearly denoted and overlaid on the eye image to assist with toric IOL alignment in the operating theatre.