EDI Veris Electrophysiology System
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EDI Veris Electrophysiology System

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Multi-focal Electrophysiology system

with Integrated Ganzfeld Stimulator and FMS II Stimulator/Refractor/Eye & Fundus Monitoring System


VERIS Science

A unique instrument for the study of electrophysiological responses and their adaptive properties across the visual field.

VERIS Science(TM) is a unique, highly versatile recording system designed for sophisticated basic and clinical research laboratories engaged in research using ERG and VEP responses. Utilizing a special analysis technique, VERIS’ can simultaneously assess local retinal or cortical responses at hundreds of locations in the visual field. The local responses are extracted from recordings of 4 to 16 minutes in length using a single signal derived from the cornea or the scalp.

Various modes of local stimulation (flash, pattern and color) are available for preferential stimulation of different retinal or cortical mechanisms. The ability of VERIS’ to discriminate effects due to nonlinearities facilitates the identification of signal sources and characterization of their properties. Other applications include spatio-temporal analysis of receptive fields and pupillary responses.

The technology for VERIS (Visual Evoked Response Imaging System) was developed by Dr. Erich Sutter at The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute in San Francisco, California.


Measure hundreds of visual field locations in under 4 minutes.
Patented algorithms extract and anayze data in seconds.


Spatial & temporal mapping of:

  • retinal responses
  • cortical responses
  • single unit recordings
  • pupillary responses


Highly reproducible results


High spatio-temporal resolution using appropriately -scaled stimuli


Used in laboratories worldwide for human and animal research. Export data as PICT or ASCII for further analysis or publication. Record from I to 32 channels


Newly developed modules are made available to all VERIS users.