DMD FAR VistaVision 24″ Visual Acuity Tester
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DMD FAR VistaVision 24″ Visual Acuity Tester

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High technology, all-in-one, LCD 24″ Visual Acuity Tester


  • LCD 24” WIDE Screen, contrast 1000:1, calibrated luminance,
  • Wall mounting and Portable,
  • Lifelong LCD calibrated and constant luminance,
  • Completely silent (fan-less),
  • Fast built-on and instant-off (Embedded Linux Operating System),
  • All letters chart with contrast sensitivity function,
  • Complete, precise and versatile software for a fast acuity evaluation; programmable patient’s acuity examination,
  • Free internet upgrade software via USB Key,
  • Long-life, up to date technology and competitive price!


All tests:
Contrast Sensitivity Test, ETDRS tables (Refractions, Right, Left), Snellen, Sloan, Numbers, Allen pre-school, Tumbling E, Landolt’s ring, Ishihara tables, Phoria (Vertical, Horizontal), Worth’s rhombi, Lancaster’s tables, Dicromatic balance, Amsler’s grid, Children’s images, Astigmatism point, Grating (Sinusoidal, Square bars), Stereo tests, Schober test, Near vision test, Hebrew letters, China Ideograms. Optional tests: Visual Field Examination.


All settings:
Multi-user settings (up to 3 users), 12 Visual Acuity Scale (Arithmetical and Geometrical progression), Patient-Screen distance from 0.5 m to 8 m, Mirror option, 4 languages software, Red and Green calibration, Personal group tests setting, 4 programmable patient’s examination.


Remote infrared control, Stereo sound, Children’s animation, Wall mounting (standard VESA), Red and Green glasses, Patient’s report, USB key for patient’s report storage and software upgrade.



  • Polarised screen and glasses
  • Suitcase for portable use
  • Table Stand