OCULUS Binoptometer® 4P
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OCULUS Binoptometer® 4P

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The Binoptometer ® 4P is a professional vision testing device which is easy to understand and intuitive to operate. It has a high definition colour display for visual acuity testing, colour perception, binocular and refraction tests.


Additional tests include contrast vision, mesopic vision and glare sensitivity. The Binoptometer® 4P can evaluate the effect of corrective lenses. Peripheral visual field perception is tested at 7 points and uses a unique feature of changing symbols in the centre to check fixation.


  • Fast operation
  • User and patient friendly
  • Portable
  • Ergonomic and adjustable for examination distance


The Binoptometer® 4P can be operated using a Window laptop or PC and provides concise printouts, automated PDF generation and easy transfer to electronic medical records.