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The OptoYag&SLT laser system utilises two treatment modalities considered the gold standard in capsulotomy and treatment of glaucoma. Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) is an advanced, non-invasive primary or secondary treatment of increased intraocular pressure. It employs short pulses of specific wavelength that selectively target the melanin-containing cells in the trabecular meshwork while preserving the adjacent non-pigmented eye structures.


Unrivaled SLT Laser System

Optotek SLT laser is a staple of glaucoma treatment for every doctor’s practice. Compact design, 33 energy levels in the range of 0,2 to 2,6 mJ, a red aiming beam allowing a precise focusing of the treatment beam, and built-in safety features ensure quick, safe and effective office-based SLT treatment.


Stream of Technologies for Superior Effectiveness

YAG mode of the OptoYag&SLT represents a synergy of optimised focusing optics, high accuracy and precision of the aiming beam system, and clean and stable Gaussian laser beam profile. Having excellent photodisruptor capability, the Optotek YAG laser enables best treatment results using lower energy and fewer shots.


  • High Power e-SlitLight™ LED Illumination System
  • Unique FES™ Technology for Unmatched Precision
  • PPS™ Technology for Advanced Safety
  • Designed for Ultimate Comfort